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Ghost Tour Meeting Location: Tours meet at the Ferris Plaza and Park Fountain at 400 S Houston St (This is near the La Quinta Inn & Suites)

Tour Duration: 1 hr to 90 min across a 1-mile route

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Ghost tours are held nightly throughout the year, and are rain or shine!

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Dallas Boos and Booze
Tickets Start At $29

Dallas Terrors Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Take this Dallas Spirits and haunted pub crawl tour and add some fun into your work week! This quick but fun tour will take you to four stops for up to two hours.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 1303 Main Street, Dallas TX

Tour TimeTour Times: 6:00 PM

Tour LengthTour Length: 1 Hour

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Dallas Ghosts
Tickets Start At $25

Dallas Terrors Ghost Tour

Join Dallas Terrors for a ghost tour of Dallas that offers a truly remorseless and unflinching look deep into the abyss of D-town’s nightmarish past.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 400 S Houston St, Dallas, TX 75202

Tour TimeTour Times: 8:00 PM

Tour LengthTour Length: 1 Hour

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

The ghosts of Dallas are as varied as the city itself.

Dallas is not just one thing; all of life and death is here for you to experience. The ghosts of country musicians, and the ghosts of Oilmen, the ghosts that haunt some of the 41 Universities in the megaplex city of Dallas Fort Worth. Join Dallas Terrors tonight to sample 8 or 12 of the best stories from the strange and painful history of the city of Dallas, Texas.

From the day John Neely Bryan, his dog, and a Cherokee he called Ned drove a stake into the ground at a fork in the Trinity River, Dallas has been growing. In its wake are the trampled lives of countless souls who have added their names to the long list of ghosts in this town.

For one sinister hour, hear their stories and explore the barbaric history of the Big D. From the hard life of the cowboys that still roam the streets, ten-gallon hats an’ all, to the Dallas Crime Family that rules the underworld and knows who buried the bodies!

You’ll hear about the origins of Bonnie and Clyde, the Dallas eyeball killer, the Goat Man that lives under a bridge, and the ghosts of the lost and lonely that wander the streets of Dallas.

Dare you confront the ghosts of Dallas?

Dallas has the widest selection of ghosts you can imagine; your head will spin after you come face to face with the sites of so many hauntings. Setting out after dark, walk alongside your expert local guides as you hear the tales of the real ghosts of Dallas in their larger than life glory.

The ghosts of Dallas have a vast variety of backgrounds, but it’s the same old things that cause the dead to affect the living world. We subscribe to the theory that people become ghosts for one of two reasons, unfinished business or traumatic death. Both of those are commonplace occurrences in the Big D.

Get to know the sights, sounds, history, and haunts of Dallas on your one-hour walking tour of the 8 haunted locations on the Dallas Terrors standard tour, or drill deeper into the haunted history of this fast-moving town by adding 4 more stories of ghosts and ghouls by taking the extended Dallas Terrors tour.

Join us tonight to unearth the dark and dusty ghosts of Dallas and assure yourself of a frighteningly good time!

You want to get the most out of the Big D.

If you only have a short time here in the funkiest town in Texas (Sorry Austin), you will be looking for a way to get to grips with the sprawl; you could drive around for a while and see some things, but they won’t mean much. You will probably cross Large Marge a few times, —that’s the giant, elegant bridge over the Trinity River, named after Margaret Hunt Hill, a local philanthropist. Her father, H.L. Hunt, was the real-life oil baron who was the inspiration for the fictional character, J.R. Ewing on TV’s Dallas soap opera. If you really want to get to know Dallas, you need a guide, someone to explain the origin of the Giant eyeball sculpture or why there is a sculpture of 40 cattle being herded between two skyscrapers downtown.

But even they are just dry facts. The history of Dallas comes alive through the ghosts that persist in this town. These stories of Dallas’s famous and infamous people are short cuts to a real insight into the city. Each one will bring alive an era in time, and you will get a feel for Dallas through the way the ghosts lived and died!

The sprawling megaplex of Dallas Fort Worth has a million stories. You only need a few of them to get insight into Dallas’s character and culture, and Dallas Terrors has the ones you need.

Why is Dallas so haunted?

From its early days as a trading post on the old Indian paths that ran through the area, the new city of Dallas was hardscrabble and dangerous. The Native Americans who had been living and dying here for centuries did not take kindly to their new neighbors.

Quanah Parker, a Comanche warrior chief, fought the war against white expansion, eventually losing the battle of his lifetime. Quanah finally came around and engaged with the European immigrant culture, going on a wolf hunting trip with Teddy Roosevelt. The President denied his request to create a sizeable Indian reserve but did make the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge because of the trip. Quanah’s ghost has been seen at the historic stockyard, where he often watches over the daily cattle drives.

Dallas’s ghosts really started to accumulate when the railways arrived here; three lines eventually converged here, at the Union Station. The cargo routes linked the growing cotton plantations of the south to a national market. In the early part of the 20th century, plantations within 100 miles of Dallas produced 30% of the nation’s cotton. The same thing happened with oil; Dallas became a hub of the growing industry after wildcatters discovered oil in the regions around Dallas.

In the 1910s, the booming city was in dire need of a first-class hotel. Fortunately, Adolphus Busch, the Budweiser brewer, was taken enough with Dallas to finance the building of the impressive Adolphus Hotel. It’s still in the top ten most luxurious hotels in Dallas today. It’s a great place to stay unless you stay on the 19th floor. In the late 1920s, a bride was due to be married in the impressive ballroom. On the eve of her big day, she stayed in the hotel, when she received some terrible news. Instead of going through with the wedding, she decided to end her own life. She went down to a room next to the ballroom, and she found an electrical cord, climbed on a chair, and swung from a beam. She was found early the next morning, and the wedding swiftly canceled. It wasn’t long before guests on the 19th floor started reporting seeing a fleeting glimpse of a bride running down the corridors. Some even reported the same bride playing an awful tune on an old-fashioned squeezebox. No one knows what news she received or the squeezebox connection. So perhaps see if you can change rooms if you find yourself staying on the 19th floor.

The Trinity River is straight down Commerce Street from the Adolphus. The river often flooded its banks in the early years of Dallas’s history. Many people lost their lives in the muddy floods that carried cattle, homes, tents, and people away to their deaths. These forgotten citizens were often buried in unmarked graves that come back to haunt the city. When construction workers were building the freeways that crisscross Dallas, they uncovered several skeletons.

Today Dallas is the home to several fortune 500 companies and over 7.5 million people, with over 200 arriving daily. This history of boom and bust, of untrammeled greed and human excess, makes Dallas a ripe hunting ground for ghosts of all kinds.

With so many tours and activities to choose from Dallas, how do you choose which ones to book?

7 Reasons to Book Ghost Tour with Dallas Terrors


“You can make something of yourself in this town, and people will let you do that.” Says Dean Fearing, executive chef of Fearing’s restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. That certainly stands if we look at crime. Clyde Barrow grew up on the Trinity River’s muddy banks, looking at Dallas’s dazzling skyline rise across the river from him, but forever out of reach. His multi-state crime wave, with his gang, and moll, Bonnie Parker, was fueled by anger that came from the sexual abuse he suffered while in prison. A cellmate saw him ‘change from a schoolboy into a viper’ during his short stretch inside. The apparent aim of his wave of murder and robbery was to try and get enough guns to storm the prison where he suffered so much trauma and reap revenge on the wardens he saw as having failed him.

Dallas also has the biggest and best sports teams; the Cowboys – ‘America’s Team’ – are legendary for their five Super Bowl wins. With 42 Universities in town, college sports are wildly popular in Dallas, Aggies hate Longhorns and Red Raiders, and Longhorns hate Sooners more than Raiders or Aggies. And if that needs explaining, you have your first question to ask a local; get ready for a long answer. The king of Sports in Dallas, though, is Rodeo. One person versus one animal. Even this sport has its ghosts. Hotshot, one of the great Bulls of the Rodeo, was bested by a young cowboy, who managed to stay put for an impressive twenty seconds. The Bull allegedly broke out its pen later and ran off into the night. The next morning the cowboy who conquered HotShot was found dead, on his front lawn, apparently trampled to death. Since then, many cowboys have reported hearing the ghost of Hotshot snorting outside their bedroom windows at night near big Rodeos.


The streets of Dallas are where Big D’s turbulent and spectacular history can be seen and experienced. Among the skyscrapers of Downtown, you can see the modern history of Dallas, but the early history hides in places unknown to most visitors. Your local, knowledgeable guides will expose Dallas’s history through the vivid stories of those who were a part of that history.

People like William Brown Miller, an early pioneer and successful rancher in Dallas. He arrived here with his family and servants as Dallas was just beginning and lived in a log cabin while he built the Millermore mansion. He grew rich and powerful in Dallas, and his name has persisted for four generations; somewhere, running around Dallas, is William Brown Miller IV. The Dallas County Heritage Society raised the money to transport the impressive house, ghosts an’ all from its original location to the Dallas Heritage Village, in a former park, cut off from Downtown by one of the many freeways in Dallas. The house has several reported ghosts, including one female apparition that has been seen by the main bedroom. The Dallas Heritage Village is a living museum to the early pioneer times of Dallas.


If you live in the DFW Metroplex, taking a break to get to know your city is an easy way to change things up. Stay in one of the many high-rise hotels that circle the historic downtown district, leave the car at home and see things from a different perspective.

Taking a ghost tour one evening will not only be fun, entertaining, and a little bit spooky, but you will be able to give your own top-notch tour of your city the next time you have out of town visitors. The stories you will hear on Dallas Terrors are not only an excellent guide to the history of the city, but they are incredibly memorable. You will have been to the exact spots where Dallas’s haunted past happened; because our brains remember things better that way.

Dallas Terrors guarantee to tell you something you didn’t know about your hometown. The people, history, and hauntings that you won’t discover by just living here. You need to do the in-depth research and exploration that goes into a tour like Dallas Terrors. Tours depart every night.


With over a dozen freeways circling the area, 69,000 parking spaces, and a drive-thru for everything, the car is king in Dallas. But you miss a lot by driving. You might miss the vibrant art on the hidden alleyways of Deep Ellum or the giant eyeball sculpture in the middle of a park built over one of the Freeways that used to cut Downtown off from Uptown. You miss so much trapped inside your glass and steel box. Cut loose and walk around a bit to truly get a feel for the streets of Dallas.

Let Dallas Terrors be your guide to the haunted hotspots of this fantastic city. The tour is around a mile and takes just over an hour at a nice relaxed pace. You’ll see some hidden secrets of the charming side of Dallas that you only get to see on foot. The city’s soul will be brought to life by your passionate guide with 8 or 12 stories from the dark side of Dallas and its haunted past.


Dallas Terrors ghost tours are spooky, entertaining, and fun, the perfect highlight of an evening in town. If you or your group are looking for that ideal Dallas activity to amuse, entertain, inform and frighten, then Dallas Terrors can arrange the perfect evening for you.

From taking out standard tour with a guide focused just on you and your group to a custom tour built around your needs, we can offer you a thrilling tour precisely suited to your requirements. We have had some delighted groups come through before; see the many favorable reviews to get a flavor of what will be in store for you on a group tour with Dallas Terrors. Take the guesswork out of a good night out! Getting started is easy; we do all the heavy lifting. Read more on our group tours page.


Not everyone believes in ghosts, and that’s OK. We are not here to try and change your mind. We lay out some of the most compelling evidence we’ve found for the unexplainable phenomena of our energy persisting across time. And if that evidence happens to be entertaining, informative, and a little bit thrilling, then all the more reasons to open your mind to the possibility of ghosts.

It’s difficult for most people to make the leap to accepting that we don’t know what the explanation might be for these things that are clearly…something. Ask your guide for some ideas about the answers, but we won’t try to convince you of anything.

Even if you remain unconvinced, we can guarantee that you will end your tour at the same spot you started; you will be entertained and know a lot more about the beautiful city of Dallas.


Our tours don’t have anyone who will jump out in costume and scare you, nor are there special effects or fake blood. The grim and ghostly history of Dallas told by your expert guides will be gripping and scary, but not too scary! We don’t want anyone, not even younger guests, to lose sleep over the stories they will hear.

The historical stories on the Dallas Terrors walking tour are pulled straight from the history books. The accounts of hauntings and unexplained events are from verified accounts by the people who witnessed them. The scary part happens in your mind, according to your point of view. No one will be needlessly terrified, and your guide will tell stories suitable for the whole group.

We regularly welcome young guests to Dallas Terrors, and older guests too! Everyone enjoys the tour, as our many positive reviews attest. Besides 8 or 12 entertaining and spooky stories, you will hear about Dallas’s history first-hand, in the very places where it happened.

Learn about some of those spooky places that you will see on tour from our blog!